People working at the WP3 of the project


UNICAM Marine Research Station

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Luca Bracchetti, PhD

Environment impact data analysis

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Paolo Cocci, PhD

Environmental endocrinology

Paolo Cocci primarily works on Environmental endocrinology. His research field was focused on the study of endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs) by using an integrated approach based on in vitro and in vivo assays.

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Dott. Alberto Felici

Evidence-based value of fish resources

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Prof. Francesco Palermo, PhD

Environmental endocrinology and toxicology

Francesco A. Palermo is a comparative endocrinologist and his current research activity has been addressed to mechanistic aspects of endocrine disruption and ecotoxicology of endangered wildlife.

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Prof. Mauro Angeletti, PhD

Environmental bioanalytical methods

Mauro Angeletti's research area is the modulation of proteins functions by specific ligands. The molecular recognition between proteins and their partners can be used to detect those latter in complex matrices and environment using bioanalytical methods

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Dott. Rossana D'Andrea, DVM

Marine organisms Veterinary Medicine

Rossana D'Andrea is a Veterinarian specialized in Hygiene and Control of Fishery and Aquaculture Products with post-graduate training in Management of coastal strips and aquatic resources. She deepened her university training by working with operators of small artisanal fishing, in particular in the management of fishing activities in Marine Protected Areas. She participated in European Union projects aimed at enhancing both the eco-systemic and socio-economic sustainability of small-scale fishing.

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Dott. Claudia Benassi Franciosi

Marine Biology

Claudia Benassi Franciosi is a marine biologist who works developing supportive actions to fishing economy. She participated in various marine resource assessment campaigns and carried out multiple research projects for the development of fishing economy.

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Dott. Giuseppe Illuminati

Production, Health and Conservation of aquatic organisms

Giuseppe Illuminati has decades of experience in the technical and operational management of projects related to small-scale coastal fishing and aquaculture. He collaborated with the CNR-ISMAR for the collection of data on board fishing boats for the MIPAF BY-Catch program. An experienced sailor and commander, he also works in the field of marine tourism by organizing excursions aboard his "Palma" ship.